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Pte Robert Jameson, 6 UDR, 17th January 1974.
The 41st 
UDR Soldier killed. Shot by the IRA getting off a bus close to his home near Trillick. His mother was on route to pick him up and found her son lying on the ground. A few days later the IRA said it carried out the attack and warned other UDR soldiers to resign. He was 22 years old, off duty and single at the time of his death.

Capt Cormac McCabe, 8 UDR, 19th January 1974.
The 42nd 
UDR Soldier and 3rd Officer killed. He was abducted by the IRA from a hotel in the Irish Republic and the following morning his body was found inside Northern Ireland in a field near Clogher. He had been blindfolded and shot. He was 42 years old, off duty and married at the time of his abduction and death.


Cpl Robert Moffett, 8 UDR, 3rd March 1974.
The 43rd 
UDR Soldier killed. Killed when an IRA landmine exploded as the landrover he was travelling in drove along the Cookstown to Omagh Road. Roy died from a fatal head injury. Three colleagues were also injured. He was 30 years old, on duty and single at the time of his death.


Lt Col (Ret'd) George Saunderson, 4 UDR, 10th April 1974.
George had left the Regiment in 1973. He was the 4th UDR Veteran and 1st retired Officer to be killed. He was shot by three IRA gunmen in the kitchen of the Primary School where he was Headmaster. Cooks preparing lunch for the children witnessed the shooting. He was hit ten times. George had served in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and The Parachute Regiment during World War II and was a district Sub-Commandant in the B Specials. The murder weapon, an AK47 Kalashnikov was sold at an auction in America to raise funds for the IRA. He was 58 years old and married with 7 children at the time of his


WO2 Harold Sinnamon, 8 UDR, 11th April 1974.
The 44th 
UDR Soldier killed. He was killed by an IRA booby trap device as he searched a derelict house in Boyds Square. The inquest recorded that he had stepped on a pressure plate. (He was Part Time doing Full Time duties.) He was 34 years old, on duty and married at the time of his murder.


Pte Eva Martin, 6 UDR, 2nd May 1974.    
The 45th 
UDR Soldier and the 1st Greenfinch killed. Eva was killed in an IRA rocket and gun attack on the UDR base at Clogher. Her husband also a Part Time soldier was on duty the night she was killed. He found her body on the stairs and felt her pulse stop whilst she lay in his arms. Her father died five days later unable to recover from the shock of her death. She was 28 years old, on duty and married at the time of her death.


Cpl John Conley, 5 UDR, 23rd July 1974.
The 46th 
UDR Soldier killed. He was killed by an IRA bomb at Bridge Street in Garvagh. The car bomb exploded as he was helping evacuate the centre of the town. Another soldier was injured. He was 43 years old, on duty and married at the time of his death.


Pte William Hutchinson, 6 UDR, 23rd August 1974.
William left the Regiment in 1972. He was the 5th UDR Veteran to be killed. He was shot by IRA gunmen as he made a vehicle census count on the Dungannon to Ballygawley Road. A colleague was injured in the attack. An IRA statement claimed that he was spying. He was 29 years old and married at the time of his


Pte Thomas McCready, 3 UDR, 17th November 1974.
The 47th 
UDR Soldier killed. He died after being shot by the IRA whilst on duty in Newry. He was shot in the chest and died in hospital two hours after the attack. He was due to be married in less than a month. He was 32, on duty and single at the time of his death.

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