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On 1st July 1992, the Regiment merged with the Royal Irish Rangers to form the Royal Irish Regiment.

1992 (2010) Sgt Robert Irvine Royal Iris
1992 (1911) LCpl Ian Warnock Royal Irish

Sgt Robert Irvine, 9 R IRISH, 20th October 1992.

The 1st Royal Irish Regiment Soldier to be killed. Shot by the IRA at his sister's home, Tamlaght Road, Rasharkin. He was living there temporarily and had just got out of the bath, Robert was standing with a towel wrapped around him at the door when the gunmen fired. His wife, daughter and sister were in the house at the time. He had previous service with the RUC. He was 43years old, off duty and married at the time of his death.

LCpl Iain Warnock, 6 R IRISH, 19th November 1992.

The 2nd Royal Irish Regiment Soldier killed. Iain was a Part Time soldier employed on Full Time duties. He was shot by the IRA as he waited to collect his wife from her work at Moypark, Seagoe, Portadown. His three year old son was with him when the gunmen attacked. He was hit by at least 12 rounds fired from close range but managed to return fire before he died. He was 27 years old, off duty and married at the time of his death.

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