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Former soldiers of The Ulster Defence Regiment may be entitled to the following medals for their service.


General Service Medal 1962-2007 & Clasp "Northern Ireland"

The General Service Medal was instituted for award to personnel of all services, and thus did away with the need for separate Navy and Army service medals. Over 130,000 GSM(NI) medals were awarded from 14th August 1969, eligibility for the Northern Ireland Clasp ceased at midnight on 31st July 2007. This was a period of almost 38 years long, the longest period for any operational clasp. To be awarded the medal soldiers had to have completed 30 operational duties.


Accumulated Campaign Service Medal, "ACSM"

The Accumulated Campaign Service Medal was instituted for accumulated operational service from 14th August 1969 to July 2011. It is awarded to soldiers who have been issued either a General Service Medal or an Operational Service Medal . Individuals must complete 1,080 days operational service to receive the Medal. Further 1,080 days operational service are awarded a Clasp.


The Ulster Defence Regiment Medal, "UD"

The Ulster Defence Regiment Medal is a long service medal awarded to part-time members of the Ulster Defence Regiment. Established in 1982, the medal was awarded for 12 years of long and efficient service, with a bar being awarded for each subsequent six years of qualifying service. Officers awarded the medal are entitled to use the post-nominal UD


Northern Ireland Home Service Medal, "NIHSM"

The Northern Ireland Home Service Medal is a long service medal awarded to part-time members of the Royal Irish Regiment. Established in 1992, the medal is awarded for 12 years of long and efficient service. Previous part-time service with the UDR counted towards the qualifying criteria. Clasps are awarded for six subsequent years of qualifying service. The medal replaced the Ulster Defence Regiment Medal.

The Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

The Long Service and Good Conduct Medal was awarded to full-time soldiers of the Ulster Defence Regiment. The medal was awarded to 'other ranks' for 15 years service with good conduct.

Queens Silver Jubilee Medal 1977

To celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Only 5 medals per Ship/Battalion/Unit were issued, each medal was issued with a certificate of authenticity, therefore relatively small numbers of this medal were issued.

Queens Golden Jubilee Medal 2002


Awarded to all personnel of the Armed Forces who were in service on 6th February 2002 and had completed 5 years service, each medal was issued with a certificate of authenticity. It was also issued to members of the Police, Prison Service, Ambulance, Coastguard, Fire Services, RNLI, Mountain Rescue and members of the Royal Household

The Ministry of Defence Medal Office (MODMO) is based at Innsworth House, Imjin Barracks, Innsworth, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL3 1HW and holds details of most campaign medals issued from the 1920s. They are the authority for all questions concerning the entitlement to current campaign medals. The Office provides two main services:

  • Issue of medals post WW1 to those entitled persons who have never received them.
  • Replacement of medals under certain conditions for entitled personnel.


The website is located at:

To download an application:

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