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Pte Thomas Hardy, 8 UDR, 14th March 1989.

Shot by the IRA as he drove his lorry into the loading bay at Granville Meats, Aughnacloy Road, Dungannon. Two gunmen fired at close range and John died a short time later in hospital. He was 48 years old, off duty and married at the time of his death.

Pte John Griffiths, 2 UDR, 4th May 1989.

John had left the Regiment in 1977, He was the 50th UDR Veteran to be killed. He was a serving Prison Officer when he was killed by an IRA booby trap device that went off under the driver's seat of his car as he left home. His wife and children witnessed his death in the burning car. He had former military service before joining the UDR. He was 37 years old and married at the time of his death.

Pte Robert Glover, 5 UDR, 15th November 1989 

Robert left the Regiment in 1978. He was the 51st UDR Veteran to be killed and was killed. He was killed by an IRA bomb placed under his car. He had driven 20 miles before the bomb was triggered when he drove over a ramp at Hodge's Hill on the Ballygawley to Dungannon Road. His car was blown through a wire fence and into a field where it burst into flames, he was injured and burned beyond recognition. The IRA stated 'that he was killed because he worked for a major contracting firm which had been supplying material to the security forces'. Robert was very involved in charity work. His uncle, William McCutcheon, a serving UDR soldier was killed by IRA gunmen in 1976. He was 37 years old, married with 3 children at the time of his death,

LCpl Samuel Halligan, 2 UDR, 17th November 1989.

Shot by the IRA as he drove home after duty at Drumadd Barracks, whilst parking his car along Hamiltonsbawn Road, Armagh. Gunmen fired 37 rounds and despite being seriously injured David managed to get out of his car and stagger 20 yards before collapsing. He was 57 years old, off duty and married at the time of his death.